Nonprofits: Looking for board members?

Volunteers: Seeking a way to  get involved?

Come to our Nonprofit Speed Dating Event. [It’s like the other kind,  just without all the awkward pauses.]

Club Lucent
25 N. Plains Hwy
Wallingford, CT

When: Wednesday, October 30 from 5 to 7pm

Beer + Wine + Eats = Fun!

What Is It?  Nonprofit Speed Dating is a way to connect community members who are interested in serving on nonprofit boards with qualified board candidates.  Nonprofit representatives will have a few minutes to get  acquainted one‐on‐one with each candidate and then  move on to the next. Connections are made and possibilities open up.

Why serve on a board? Boards tackle the big issues in a  community and make decisions for the betterment of  everyone. Serving on a board is an opportunity to lead  and to create real system change.

How do nonprofits benefit? New board members bring enthusiasm, new skills, and diverse viewpoints to making  a difference in the community. Nonprofits can efficiently  meet lots of candidates at one time, especially some who  may not have considered serving on a board before.

How do candidates benefit? They can make a positive impact in their community by contributing fresh ideas and expertise to an organization that needs help. It’s an  opportunity to engage with others who have like values,  broaden leadership skills, and expand personal and  professional networks


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